Brand Flos Architectural

Product Running Magnet

Recessed luminaire for indoor use, on plasterboard walls/ceiling, comprised of a series of magnetic tracks that house the LED lighting modules. The luminaire is comprised of a 12.5 mm extruded aluminium profile, which integrates perfectly into ceiling/wall, and a 24V electric track.

The system is completed with ambient and accent lighting modules, with different optics.

Due to its high modularity, The Running Magnet can be adapted to any space.

The accent Light module is available with intensive optics (spot lens) and extensive optics (narrow and wide narrow lens).

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Matt Black
  • Dimensions Light Strip: 5 sizes D300mm-1500mm. Spot head: ∅34 x H50mm
  • Variations Ellyptical and 12°, 21° and 30° lenses for the accent light module.
  • Lamp type Light Strip: 12W-60W. Spot: 6W
  • Launched 2013
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