Brand Flos Architectural

Product Super Line

High-tech, efficient and delicate luminaire, comprised of a rail combining direct and indirect light, secured by two invisible coaxial cables, serving both as anchorage and electrical wiring. Perfect in offices or places where a high light efficiency and comfort are needed.

The Super Line aluminium body conceals a technical multi-layer diffuser filter that guarantees perfect light distribution and improves the optical effect and visual comfort. A highly efficient multi-layer optic controls the downlight emission to achieve UGR<19, thanks to a unique combination of two glare control films on top of a clear protective screen. Super Line Pro version is fitted with a black raster to meet the strict requirements of lighting conditions in working environments in terms of total control of light distribution, maximum comfort, energy saving and legislation parameters.

The up/down is available in two versions, one endorsing the direct light to maximise the efficiency, while preventing the "cave effect" with an indirect intensity that ensures a high level of comfort, the other favouring indirect emission needed for a bright ceiling, to offer a UGR<19 and the more specific lighting conditions required. two invisible coaxial cables serve both as anchorage and electrical wiring.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Dimensions Please see spec sheet for full collection range
  • Material Aluminium body
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