Brand iGuzzini

Product Le Perroquet Pendant

Pendant luminaire equipped with a ballast unit made of die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material. The pendant system consists of steel cables L=2000 that provide a simple mechanical anchoring system. Having been rotated and tilted, the luminaire can be locked mechanically in position to ensure efficient light aiming

(even during maintenance operations). Luminaire for high output LED lamp with monochrome emission in a warm white colour tone (3000K) . Electronic ballast. Equipped with an accessory holding ring designed to contain a flat accessory. Another external component can also be applied, selected from directional flaps and an asymmetric screen. All external accessories rotate 360° about the spotlight longitudinal axis.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Silver
  • Dimensions ø162x300
  • Lamp type LED
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