Brand Brightgreen

Product D900+

30% more powerful than the D700+, the new D900+ is ideal for illuminating architectural spaces that require higher lux levels like work spaces, office desks and kitchen benches.

Designed for maximum visual comfort in the home, the new D900+ features a patented low-glare lens that is proven to lower UGR (Unified Glare Ratings). Its deep-recessed design tapers seamlessly into the ceiling for a minimalist look, hiding the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Body White, black. Fascia: White, silver, black
  • Dimensions W102 x D89mm
  • Application Downlight
  • Variations Fascias and filters
  • Lamp type 13.3W LED, 73-74lm/W, Beam angle: 55°, dimmable, 3000K or 4000K
  • Cutout 92mm
  • Class IP44
  • Launched 2017
  • Warranty 7 years
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