Brand Brightgreen

Product D900 Cube

Featuring a deeply-recessed form that tapers seamlessly to the ceiling, the minimalist D900 Cube sinks into ceilings to appear as a natural feature in modern interior architecture. With a 360-degree gimbal for adjustments over time, the thermal efficient luminaire is entirely airtight thanks to its airflow seal and IC-rated heatsink.

Ideal for technical residential and commercial lighting, the D900 Cube can be used to delineate between spaces in open plan living areas. By using the straight-edged beam to create a wall of light, designers can extend existing architecture and indicate the intended use each area through different lighting scenes.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Body White and Black. Fascia: White and Black
  • Dimensions W100 x D100 x H86mm
  • Application Downlight
  • Keywords Dimmable
  • Lamp type 13W LED 3000K or 4000K
  • Class IP44
  • Warranty 7 Years
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