Brand Brightgreen

Product D900 Classic

Bring everything to life with the award-winning 15.7w D900 Classic LED downlight, featuring Tru-Colour 95CRI. It comes in a range of colour temperatures and beam angles to suit every lighting design.

The improved heatsink design means the D900 Classic can be abutted to insulation material, meaning all-round better insulation and a more efficient property.

The D900 Classic is covered by an unbeatable warranty: 7 years for the luminaire, 5 for the driver.

At 955 lumens, the D900 Classic actually surpasses the brightness of a brand new 50w halogen on a fraction of the power.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Silver, White.
  • Dimensions ø109 x D58.30mm
  • Variations D900+
  • Lamp type 15.7W LED
  • Warranty 5 Years Driver, 7 Years Fitting
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