Brand Flos Architectural

Product Solid Pure

A luminaire for indoor use to be mounted on three-phase track or on ceilings/walls, available in high power LED technology light sources and in DALI and non-DALI versions. The optical housing of the luminaire, as well as the container of the power supply equipment, is manufactured in high- pressure injected aluminium, with white, grey or black finishes. The reflector fastening ring houses an accessory- holder element where chromatic filters and honeycomb type anti-glare elements can be housed.

The perfect operation of the LED module is guaranteed thanks to its heat dissipation system, which permits constant recirculation of the air on the inside. To this end, solutions with passive radiators (2000 lumen version) and/or active radiators (3000, 4000 and 4500 lumens) are used depending on the required air recirculation flow.

Finishes: white (30), grey (02) and black (14). 

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours White,Grey,Black
  • Lamp type LED
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