Brand Flos Architectural

Product Belvedere Spot Single F2

Family of exterior lighting devices consisting of one or two adjustable projectors (double rotation, vertical and horizontal axle) suitable for floor installations (tiled or land floor) and with remote power box; also available version with base and with stake, both solutions are characterized by the absence of embedded box.

Available three heights of different sizes and three types of lighting sources, from the latest innovation remote phosphor LED to the mini compact discharge lamp.

Other technical features: remote power box IP67 and directly sealed in factory, external connection IP68 with anti-humidity gel, watertight cable gland IP68, head directly sealed in factory.


  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Grey, Deep Brown
  • Dimensions ∅9 x W14 x H50cm. Base: ∅13.6cm
  • Material Aluminium / Vinyl
  • Application Ground, outdoor
  • Variations Belvedere Series
  • Lamp type LED - 6W - 4000K LED - 11.8W - 3000K Metal halide - 35W G12
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