Brand iGuzzini

Product MaxiWoody Compact

• Direct LED lighting luminaire for use with metal halide, sodium discharge, and mercury discharge lamps. • The fixture is installed into the ground, wall-mounted (with a fisher) and for application on pole systems. • The fixture has an optical assembly (compact, small, medium or large) and support. • Optical assembly and frame in aluminium alloy; acrylic liquid paint surface finish which has a high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV sun rays; sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, transparent colourless, 4 mm thick; secured with captive screws; stainless steel retention cable; 50-60 Shore A silicone gasket. • Superpure aluminium reflector. • Pull-out control gear plate, made of hot galvanized; aluminium alloy box and cover; spacers and captive screws; power supply with a non-explosive power factor correction capacitor, ballast, starter, and quick-connecting terminals. A disconnecting switch with fuse is available upon request. • Monochromatic LED version with 24/36-LED circuit, optics with plastic lenses, glass with customised serigraphy, and 100-265Vac 50/60Hz built-in electronic control gear. • RGB LED version with 36 multicolour LED circuit, DALI electronic control board, optics with plastic lenses, glass with customised serigraphy with electronic power supply 100-120/220-240Vac 50/60Hz. • DALI RGB LED versions are provided with RGB DIRECT DIM for dimming with standard button with the following functions: Soft ON/OFF, colour change, last colour memory, default dynamic sequence. • Available optics: Medium (M), Flood (F), WideFlood (WF), Elliptical (E), Spot (S), Superspot (SS), Asymmetrical longitudinal (AL), Blade of light (LL), Street (ST) and cycle path (ALo). • The floodlight can be adjusted vertically ±115° by means of a painted steel bracket with 10-step graduated scale and mechanical locking devices to guarantee the stability of the luminous flow and horizontally ±120° by means of a hot galvanised painted plate for ground installation. • Ready for pass-through cables with M24x1.5 double cable clamp made of nickel-plated brass (for cables with 7÷16mm diameter). • Stainless-steel external screws. • The technical characteristics of the fitting comply with EN60598-1 standard.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Grey (15)
  • Dimensions 296x270 mm D=260mm
  • Lamp type LED, Metal Halide
  • Class IP66
  • Warranty 5 Years
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