Brand iGuzzini

Product U.F.O Comfort Symmetric Optic

An atmospheric outdoor light which is comfortable and softens shadows. U.F.O. is an urban lighting fitting which looks almost like a luminous leaf with a geometrically rigorous shape, but with a graceful design and an homogenous distribution of glare-free light. The heart of the U.F.O. project is the particular focus on light pollution: the flow does not spill over the screen, but is aimed downwards. The efficient, modular luminous panels, which can also be aggregated, increase comfort compared to traditional solutions and they can be used in different public areas, creating warm and welcoming atmospheres for town centres, pedestrian and residential areas, and more neutral effects for car parks and rest areas. 

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  • Product Type Lighting
  • Dimensions W42.3 x D42.3cm or W63.4 x D63.4cm
  • Material Die-cast aluminium , glass.
  • Application Pole arm|Poletop side entry|Pole-top|Wall arm
  • Keywords IP66
  • Lamp type LED
  • Warranty 5 Years
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