Brand iGuzzini

Product Woody

Floodlights for use with monochromatic and RGB LEDs • The fixture is installed in the ground, wall-mounted (with a fisher), pole-mounted, and branch-mounted. • Equipped with an optical assembly and base. • Optical assembly, arms, base, frame, box, and caps made of aluminium alloy, with liquid acrylic paint that is highly resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents. • Sodium-calcium tempered sealing glass, transparent and colourless, is 4 mm-thick, and secured with captive screws. • Silicone gaskets between the glass and outer frame. • Reflector made of 99,96 % ultrapure aluminium. • Vertical and horizontal orientation, with the possibility of blocking the aim. • Frame has slots for rainwater drainage.

  • Product Type Lighting
  • Colours Grey (15), Black (04)
  • Dimensions Head: Ø140 x D165 x H230mm. Base: Ø100mm
  • Lamp type LED , RGB LED
  • Class IP66
  • Warranty 5 Years
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