Pacific Consultants


New Zealand

The $10 million restoration program was spearheaded by Wellington developer and engineer Maurice Clark, who worked with Architects Warren and Mahoney. The renovated building is now the new home for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

ECC developed the façade lighting for this corner building with Greig Blackler, an electrical engineer from Pacific Consultants.

The iGuzzini Trick BU22 180° luminaires with integral LED driver were used in all the window bays to illuminate the exterior lintel and sides.

The Trick 180 is located on the sill and discretely wired with pyro cable. These luminaires are IP66 and are coated with liquid acrylic paint, to help them withstand the seaside corrosive environment.

The Trick wall washer model BU21 was used to illuminate the decorative corbels.

The Tricks were the perfect fitting for their subtle, but very striking, blade effect and the simple mounting for this historic building.